End of day two of final revisions of Foucault: The Birth of Power


Lots of work over the past two days on this second Foucault manuscript. In particular, the introduction is restructured, some parts rewritten and some new discussion. I say a bit more about the sources worked with, and the argument and approach up front; and then a bit more on the period to be discussed, both in range of topics, types of work and styles of output at the end. There is also a little more discussion of the manuscript of the first version of The Archaeology of Knowledge, though a detailed discussion will have to wait for a project on the 1960s Foucault. I’ve also written a few more lines into the conclusion, both summarising things and expanding on Foucault’s self-description as an ‘artificer’. Lots of minor changes, and some more explicit signposting of the argument. More work tomorrow…

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