Object Lessons: The hidden meaning of ordinary things, Wednesday 13th July, London


Object Lessons: The hidden meaning of ordinary things, 6pm, Wednesday 13th July, Bloomsbury Publishing, 50 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3DP

Where does a password end and an identity begin? Do our desires really go on holiday in a hotel? Does wearing a hood mean that rappers and Little Red Riding Hood share the same cultural significance?

Continuing the tradition of Roland Barthes in his 1957 ground-breaking Mythologies, Bloomsbury’s new Object Lessons series analyses the popular culture of today. With titles ranging from ‘Hair’ to ‘Hood’, and ‘Refrigerator’ to ‘Remote Control’, in examining such objects of daily life the books argue that we find new meaning in the world around us.

Join the authors of ‘Password’, ‘Hotel, ‘Hood’ and ‘Earth’ as they discuss the stories & inspirations behind everyday objects. They debate that they are more than just objects and instead become animated with a rich history of invention, political struggle, science, and popular mythology. By debating these fascinating details and histories our panel will bring objects in our everyday worlds to life.

Join us for drinks and a chance to buy books from a series at an exclusive discount. Listen to our panel unearth the hidden stories behind these objects in a fascinating and lively discussion!

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