Theory, Culture & Society E-Special Issue on John Urry

Urry-coverThe Theory, Culture & Society E-Special Issue on John Urry, edited and introduced by Mimi Sheller, is now available.

This e-special issue of Theory, Culture & Society presents key works published by the late British Sociologist John Urry (1946-2016) in the journals Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society. It serves both to commemorate and to continue Urry’s profound contributions as a social theorist, as a network builder, and as a public intellectual who changed the face of British, and indeed global, social science. The selections range from 1982 to 2014, including articles and introductions to collections, both sole-authored and collaborative pieces. By gathering this portion of his work in one place we seek to make it easily accessible, as well as marking the signal importance of his impact on contemporary social theory.

Table of Contents

Complexity and Social Science

John Urry
Duality of Structure: Some Critical Issues
Theory, Culture & Society, 1982, vol. 1 (2): 100-106Scott Lash And John Urry
Economies of Signs and Spaces
1994John Urry
The Global Complexities of September 11th
Theory, Culture & Society, 2002, vol. 19 (4): 57-69John Urry
The Complexity Turn
Theory, Culture & Society, 2005, vol. 22 (5): 1-14John Urry
The Complexities of the Global 
Theory, Culture & Society, 2005, vol. 22 (5): 235-254

Mobilities, Climate Change and Carbon Capitalism

Mimi Sheller and John Urry
Mobile Transformations of `Public’ and `Private’ Life
Theory, Culture & Society, 2003, vol. 20 (3): 107-125John Urry
The ‘System’ of Automobility
Theory, Culture & Society, 2004, vol. 21 (4-5): 25-39Bronislaw Szerszynski and John Urry
Changing Climates: Introduction
Theory, Culture & Society, 2010, vol. 27 (2-3): 1-8John Urry
Consuming the Planet to Excess
Theory, Culture & Society, 2010, vol. 27 (2-3): 191-212John Urry
The Problem of Energy
Theory, Culture & Society, 2014, vol. 31 (5): 3-20

Tourism, Bodies and Nature

John Urry
Cultural Change and Contemporary Holiday-Making
Theory, Culture & Society, 1988; vol. 5 (1): 35-55John Urry
The Tourist Gaze and the `Environment’
Theory, Culture & Society, 1992,vol. 9 (3): 1-26Phil Macnaghten And John Urry
Contested Natures
1998John Urry And Jonas Larsen
The Tourist Gaze
3.0, 2012Phil Macnaghten And John Urry
Bodies of Nature: Introduction
Body & Society, 2000, vol. 6 (3-4): 1-11


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