Time, Temporality and Global Politics – an open access E-IR collection

TTGP_cover_copy.jpgTime, Temporality and Global Politics – an open access E-IR Edited Collection. Now on sale in all good book stores, and also available via free e-book download from the E-International Relations website.

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International Relations scholars have traditionally expressed little direct interest in addressing time and temporality. Yet, assumptions about temporality are at the core of many theories of world politics and time is a crucial component of our social reality. Today, a small but emerging strand of literature has emerged to meet questions concerning time and temporality and its relationship to International Relations head on. This edited collection provides a platform to continue this work.

Edited by
Andrew Hom, Christopher McIntosh, Alasdair McKay and Liam Stockdale

Shahzad Bashir, Kevin K. Birth, Valerie Bryson, Kathryn Marie Fisher, Robert Hassan, Caroline Holmqvist, Kimberly Hutchings, Tim Luecke, Tom Lundborg, Tim Stevens and Ty Solomon.

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