Who Wrote Shakespeare? – Martin Wiggins on collaboration at the BBC website

p0451wyzWho Wrote Shakespeare? – Martin Wiggins at the BBC website. The discussion is not of the para-academic debate about whether William Shakespeare wrote the plays that bear his name, but rather about the collaborative nature of some of them – some of which are canonical, and some of which are disputed. Some good introductory discussion, a handy image of the plays and likely authors, and some good video clips of passages from some plays.

I’m well aware that much of this is contested, having worked on several of the plays which are thought to be collaborative for my Shakespeare project. But for a wide audience, this is a clear and useful summary.

The ‘Hand D’ manuscript of a addition to Sir Thomas More, believed to be by Shakespeare is currently on display at the British Library, in their superb ‘Shakespeare in Ten Acts‘ exhibition. There is much else of interest in that exhibition, but for me the manuscript was worth it alone. It’s open for about a week more.

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