Verso e-book sale – 90% off – and my five picks


Verso have a massive e-book sale with 90% off a huge range of their books until the end of today (Friday 2 September 2016). You could pick up the new translation of Henri Lefebvre’s Metaphilosophy for just £2, and all three volumes of the Critique of Everyday Life for £2.50.

Verso asked me to come up with my five picks from the list. This is hard because there is a lot of choice, and also because I have so many already… But here are the five I’ve just bought.

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2 Responses to Verso e-book sale – 90% off – and my five picks

  1. Carol Dixon says:

    Thank you, so much, for sharing this. I’ve just picked up Nicolas Bourriaud’s book on relational aesthetics and alter-modernism (‘The Exform’) for £1. I will forward this news to my contacts list via

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