Pléyade: Biopolitics Special Issue (2016)

A special issue of Pléyade on biopolitics – papers in English and Spanish.

Foucault News

New Issue of Pléyade: Biopolitics, number 17, launched in June 2016

Full PDF of issue available

Pléyade is an international peer reviewed journal dedicated to the Humanities and Social Sciences funded the year 2008 by the Centre for Political Analysis and Research in Santiago, Chile. The journal is an independent publication since 2016. This publication encourages intellectual and academic discussion of political phenomena, from a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives including political science, sociology, philosophy, and cultural studies. Pléyade is aimed at an international scientific audience and receives contributions such as articles, book reviews, interviews and interventions, written in Spanish or English. The journal is published biannually (June-December) in print and electronic versions.

Edición especial

Vanessa Lemm Introducción

Ottavio Marzocca Vida desnuda, multitud y carne del mundo: la biopolitica como destino
Bare Life, Multitude, Flesh of the World: The Biopolitics as Destiny

Carlo Salzani Nudity: Agamben…

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