Jacques Lacan’s earliest seminars from 1952-53 – a question

Jacques Lacan began his weekly seminars in 1951, and these moved to the Sainte-Anne hospital in 1952. There are reports that from the first Sainte-Anne series these were typed by a shorthand typist. These shorthand typescripts were the basis for the editing work of Jacques-Alain Miller. But the first seminar in the publication history is the 1953-54 one, Les écrits techniques de Freud. And that seminar only has a fragment of the first session (18 November 1953) and the only complete transcripts are from the 1954 sessions. So, what happened to the notes from 1952-53? I assume they were lost, but Foucault attended the seminar from 1953, so I’d be very curious to read what he heard!

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