Henri Lefebvre, Marxist Thought and the City published and 30% discount code

imageHenri Lefebvre, Marxist Thought and the City, translated by Robert Bonnano and with a brief preface by me has been published by University of Minnesota Press. It is available in cloth and paperback editions, and can be ordered with a 30% discount code – details in the flyer (valid until 1 March 2017).

For the first time in English, Lefebvre’s essential work on how Marx and Engels conceptualized the development of the city

Henri Lefebvre reviews the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels for analysis on the life and growth of the city, describing its transition from life under feudalism to modern industrial capitalism. Now available in English, Marxist Thought and the City provides background and supplementary material to Lefebvre’s other works and marks a pivotal point in his evolution as a thinker.

This pithy, provocative little book brings Marxist humanism to bear on urban problems as pressing today as they were nearly half-a-century ago. Upsizing cities spell downsizing work, the coming of urban society announces the financialization of space, a crisis of industrial production begets a politics of urban reproduction—all with daunting threats as well as immanent possibilities. Dead for twenty-five years, old man Lefebvre lives on as our most visionary twenty-first-century urban thinker.

Andy Merrifield, author of Metromarxism, Magical Marxism, and The New Urban Question


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