Law, Territory, Resources, and Mobilities in Frozen Environments – CFP Nordic Geographers Meeting

The ICE LAW Project is seeking additional papers for its session at the Nordic Geographers Meeting. Subproject leaders Stuart Elden, Aldo Chircop, and Stephanie Kane are already scheduled to present, but 1 or 2 more papers can be accommodated. Email Phil Steinberg at by 15 December if interested. CFP follows:

The ICE LAW Project: Law, Territory, Resources, and Mobilities in Frozen Environments
The ICE LAW Project ( explores challenges that emerge when notions of territory, law, resources, and mobility inherited from temperate, continental areas are applied to the Arctic. How are normative ‘Western’ understandings of these concepts upended by the Arctic’s geophysical environments and the livelihoods that these environments make possible? How have alternate perspectives, rooted in the region, sought to frame these concepts differently? What conceptual frameworks, legal norms, and regulatory instruments might best address the region’s (rapidly changing) environment?
The ICE LAW Project, a Leverhulme Trust-supported network of geographers, anthropologists, legal scholars, and political scientists seeking to understand the relationship between geophysics and geo-politics in frozen environments, invites papers that address these themes. We welcome papers from participants at past ICE LAW Project events as well as newcomers who would like to be involved in the network and contribute to its discussions.
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