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Derek Gregory’s Geographical Imaginations blog guide

Derek Gregory’s ever-interesting Geographical Imaginations blog now has a guide to past posts, grouped by theme. I’ve been pleased to see how often old posts are consulted by readers: I never intended this to be a fleet of ships passing … Continue reading

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Judith Butler – Borders and the Politics of Mourning video (keynote and discussion)

Judith Butler – Borders and the Politics of Mourning Panel discussion with Maurizio Albahari, Alexandra Délano, Jenny Edkins, Burkhard Liebsch, and Benjamin Nienass, followed by comments from Banu Bargu and Anne McNevin.

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David Harvey Marx & Capital Lecture 6: Bad Infinity and the Madness of Economic Reason

David Harvey Marx & Capital Lecture 6: Bad Infinity and the Madness of Economic Reason

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Where to start with reading Henri Lefebvre? – reading guide updated

I’ve updated my reading guide ‘Where to start with reading Henri Lefebvre?’ – with a link to the new translation of Marxist Thought and the City and the forthcoming paperback edition of Sue Middleton’s book.

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David Harvey asks What is the cry of the streets?

Originally posted on Deterritorial Investigations : “The question of what kind of city we want cannot be divorced from that of what kind of social ties, relationship to nature, lifestyles, technologies and aesthetic values we desire. The right to the…

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Books received (2) – Jefferies, Mazel, Freud-Binswanger, Spitzer, von Weizsäcker

A more mixed bag of recently bought books – the new biography of the Frankfurt School, an intriguing looking book on medieval space, the Freud-Binswanger correspondence, and the English and German originals of two texts Foucault translated.

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Books received (1) – Connolly, Mentz, Wills, Magritte, Ghamari-Tabrizi, Marder

Some books received in recompense for review work from University of Minnesota Press.

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Short blog post on Foucault: The Birth of Power

Over at the Polity Books blog I have a short piece on Foucault: The Birth of Power, which will be out in very early 2017. In 1969 Foucault published The Archaeology of Knowledge, a theoretical and methodological treatise which summarised … Continue reading

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Two days in Gießen talking about terrain, territory and terror

I’ve just got back from two days at the University of Gießen. I had been invited to give a lecture as part of the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture‘s anniversary series, and spoke on the topic of ‘Terrain: The … Continue reading

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Law, Territory, Resources, and Mobilities in Frozen Environments – CFP Nordic Geographers Meeting

The ICE LAW Project is seeking additional papers for its session at the Nordic Geographers Meeting. Subproject leaders Stuart Elden, Aldo Chircop, and Stephanie Kane are already scheduled to present, but 1 or 2 more papers can be accommodated. Email … Continue reading

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