Antipode 2017 – a new look for the new year

An update on changes at Antipode, including a brief mention of two interesting new projects – a book on the writings and thought of Neil Smith (2017) and a special issue on keywords of/in radical geography (2019).

Here we are at the start of 2017 with a new look for the journal’s 49th volume (issue 1 is freely available online). Antipode has had a number of facelifts since 1969 as radical geography has become an integral part of the discipline. We’ve expanded and multiplied in content and membership, as an increasingly diverse set of Left geographers have gained legitimacy and positions of power in universities, and as the range of “valid” approaches has become ever wider. Antipode has always welcomed the infusion of new ideas and the shaking-up of old positions through dialogue and debate, never being committed to just one view of diagnosis or critique. We might say, borrowing Linda Peake and Eric Sheppard’s words, that the journal’s pages have been “bound together by a shared no – rejection of the…status quo – and diverse yeses”.

As Antipode approaches it’s 50th anniversary, we…

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