Ludwig Binswanger – a bibliography of major German works and available French or English translations

As part of my work on the early Foucault, I’ve been doing some work on Ludwig Binswanger, including finding several of his works. For my own purposes I compiled a bibliography of his major German works, and all the work translated into French and English. I was getting confused by different references to the same essays, and making a bibliography was the best way I could find to keep track of things. There is a major collection in German, Ausgewählte Werke in 4 Bänden (Roland Asanger, Heidelberg, 1992–1994), which collects many, but not all, of his writings. There are two earlier collections of essays and lectures in German. There are several books translated into French, as well as three collections of essays – Analyse existentielle, psychiatrie clinique et psychanalyse: Discours, parcours, et Freud, translated by Roger Lewinter, Introduction à l’analyse existentielle, translated by Jacqueline Verdeaux, and the more recent Phénomenologie, psychologie, psychiatrie. There is much less in English, with the key collection Being-In-The-World: Selected Papers of Ludwig Binswanger, though that is long out of print and it was hard to find. The first of the French collections has a good bibliography, and the definitive one is Germaine Sneessens, “Bibliographie de Ludwig Binswanger” from 1966, but both are very out-of-date concerning translations.

The bibliography is available here, and will be updated as and when I find other sources. I am quite sure that it is incomplete, and I would welcome additions or corrections – though I don’t need to be told of additional German essays which are untranslated, unless they do not appear in Snessens. I hope someone finds it useful.

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