Save the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University – sign the petition

Save the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University – sign the petition here.

Update 20.25 – I’ve been made aware that the situation is much more complicated than the petition suggests, and that the restructuring may be for quite different reasons. You may wish to  exercise caution before signing. 

This is a petition addressing the dissolution of the Centre of Cultural Studies (CCS) at Goldsmiths, University of London and striving to attract public attention to the conditions which led to this resolution. It has been recently brought to our attention that the Centre for Cultural Studies is to be incorporated into the Media and Communications department starting from the academic year 2017/18 ‐ in ways and with consequences which are yet to be established.

The dissolution of the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths stands in direct relation to a broader neoliberal re‐organisation of Universities in the UK and worldwide, and can thus be seen as a symptom of the exacerbation of this agenda…

More info on the Centre here; full petition here. Here’s the first few signatures…

Eric Alliez, Paris 8 & Kingston University

Wendy Brown, University of Berkley

Howard Caygill, CRMEP & Kingston University

Eric Fassin, Paris‐8 University

Verónica Gago, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Peter Hallward, Kingston University

Matthieu Renault, University Paris 8

Yuk Hui, University of Leuphana, Germany

Daniele Lorenzini, Columbia University

Isabell Lorey, eipcp & University of Kassel

Toni Negri, Philosopher

Christine Planté, Université de Lyon 2

Judith Revel, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre‐LaDefense

Sandro Mezzadra, University of Bologna, Italy

Franco Berardi ‘Bifo,’ Philosopher

Deborah Cowen, University of Toronto…


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