Henri Lefebvre, Key Writings to be reissued in Bloomsbury’s Revelations series

9781350041691Henri Lefebvre, Key Writings is to be reissued in Bloomsbury’s Revelations series. It’s not out until October, but the previous version is still in print. There are no changes to the new version – in fact I wasn’t even told by the press this was happening. This was the first Lefebvre project I was involved with, published in 2003, alongside Elizabeth Lebas and Eleonore Kofman. It didn’t receive much attention at the time, and has had few citations. I’m not sure why – although some of the pieces were from books that are now available in full in English, it still contains quite a bit that is unavailable elsewhere.

Henri Lefebvre is widely recognized as one of the most influential social theorists of the Twentieth Century. His writings on cities, everyday life, and the production of space have become hugely influential across Cultural Studies, Sociology, Geography and Architecture. Key Writings presents the full range of Lefebvre’s thought in a single volume. The selection of essays spanning 1933 to 1990, reinforce the relevance of Lefebvre’s work to current debates in social theory, politics and philosophy. The book is divided into five sections: ‘Philosophy and Marxism’, ‘The Critique of Everyday Life’, ‘The Country and the City’ ‘History, Time and Space’ and ‘Politics’ and includes a general introduction by the editors as well as separate introductions to each section.

My reading guide to Henri Lefebvre is available here – might provide some useful suggestions from where to go next.

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