Francisco Klauser, Surveillance and Space – the second book in the Society and Space series

img_2167Series editor copies of Francisco Klauser, Surveillance and Space have arrived. This is the  second book in the Society and Space series, closely following Dan Bulley’s  Migration, Ethics and Power: Spaces Of Hospitality In International Politics. Here’s the description of Francisco’s book:

The digital age is also a surveillance age. Today, computerized systems protect and manage our everyday life; the increasing number of surveillance cameras in public places, the computerized loyalty systems of the retail sector, geo-localized smart-phone applications, or smart traffic and navigation systems. Surveillance is nothing fundamentally new, and yet more and more questions are being asked:

Who monitors whom, and how and why?

How do surveillance techniques affect socio-spatial practices and relationships?

How do they shape the fabrics of our cities, our mobilities, the spaces of the everyday?

And what are the implications in terms of border control and the exercise of political power?

Surveillance and Space responds to these modern questions by exploring the complex and varied interactions between surveillance and space.  In doing so, the book also advances a programmatic reflection on the very possibility of a ‘political geography of surveillance’.

And the series description as a whole is:

The Society and Space series explores the fascinating relationship between the spatial and the social. Each title draws on a range of modern and historical theories to offer important insights into the key cultural and political topics of our times, including migration, globalisation, race, gender, sexuality and technology. These stimulating and provocative books combine high intellectual standards with contemporary appeal for students of politics, international relations, sociology, philosophy, and human geography.

Other books under contract include Marcus Doel’s Violent Geographies, Shiloh Krupar and Greig Crysler’s The Waste Complex and Ross Exo Adams’s Circulation and Urbanization. Plenty more in development and discussion. If you’d like to talk to me about the series, please email me.

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