Foucault in Ireland, March 24th, Dublin

Foucault in Ireland 1-01.png
Friday March 24th, ‘Foucault in Ireland‘ conference at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin.

This one-day symposium reviews the engagement of Irish Studies with the work of Michel Foucault. It begins with a roundtable on the recent work of Stuart Elden: Foucault’s last decade (Polity 2016), Foucault: the birth of power (Polity 2017). This is followed by papers on Foucault’s influence in various areas of Irish academic study including: criminology, literary criticism, historical geography, international relations, philosophy, sociology, and others.

Free, but requires a ticket – available here. I’ll  be giving a department seminar on ‘Terrain: The Materiality of Territory‘ at NUI Maynooth the previous evening.

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