Back from Maynooth and Dublin – terrain and Foucault

I had two very enjoyable days in Ireland last week. First, to give a talk entitled “Terrain: The Materiality of Territory” to the Department of Geography seminar, at the National University Ireland, Maynooth. I also met with students over lunch to talk about publishing and careers in Geography, and briefly caught up with friends and others from the department over a beer, before a nice dinner in Dublin with Gerry Kearns.

The next day was the Foucault in Ireland event at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin. The day began with a very generous discussion of my two recent Foucault books, with Audronė Žukauskaitė, Mick Wilson, and Gerry.  The rest of the day was a series of papers on Foucault and the use of tools from his work in Irish studies and by others working on Foucault in Ireland. The day’s events were recorded and I will share the link if it becomes available. As well as those speaking, it was good to see Michael O’Rourke in the audience.

My thanks to all who made this trip possible, especially Gerry Kearns for organising the two events.

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