Sur les toits – full film on prison revolts in early 1970s France now available on Youtube

Nicolas Drolc’s excellent film Sur les toits is now available in full on Youtube. It’s a documentary on the prison revolts in early 1970s France, with some references to the Prisons Information Group Foucault co-founded. The film is in French, with English subtitles. As well as some archive footage of Foucault, there are interviews with, among others, Daniel Defert and Serge Livrozet.

As a reminder, there is an open access symposium on the film, following a discussion held at the University of Warwick, in Antipode. The contributions comprise an interview with the director by Marijn Nieuwenhuis and a series of original reflections (from Dominique MoranSophie FuggleAnastasia ChamberlenOliver Davis and Stuart Elden) on both the film and its subject of investigation.

Nicolas Drolc’s latest film is on Serge Livrozet, La Mort se Mérite, and a trailer can be viewed online:

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