Responses to Peter Sloterdijk’s ‘Pseudonymous Politics’ (open access)

A number of responses to Peter Sloterdjk’s ‘Pseudonymous Politics’ are now available to download from New Perspectives here. The original article is also open access here.

Claudia Aradau – Performative Politics and International Relations –

Friedrich Kratochwil – Of Myths, Lies, and Phantasies: Some Critical Remarks on Sloterdijk’s “Pseudonymous Politics”

Barry J Ryan – Platonic Speleology and Peter Sloterdijk’s Theory of Pseudonymous Politics

Sassan Gholiagha – On the Meaning of Democracy: Critique and Counter-Critique

Benjamin Tallis – Names and Roses: The Democratic Potential of Sloterdijk’s Authentic Lies

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