Back to writing in 2018 – Foucault, Canguilhem and Lefebvre

As the blog posts of the last couple of days indicate, I’m back at my desk working. The first writing submitted this year was a 2000 word piece entitled ‘Foucault, Biography, and Posthumous Publications’, destined for the American Book Review. Robert Tally is editing a collection of reviews and essays on ‘critical lives’, mainly relating to twentieth-century theory. I was asked to write a piece on Foucault, despite there not being a new biography to review. I used the absence of any biographies since 1993 (Macey and Miller) as the opening of the essay, mentioned the valuable-but-untranslated work Eribon has done since the first edition of his biography (1989, translated in 1991), and then moved to the main purpose. I discuss the material by Foucault that has appeared in the last twenty or so years, and some of what is in the archive, briefly outlining how this adds substantially to our understanding of his career, if not his life as such. I need to write a more substantial piece on a related theme for another project in the next month or so. I’m also doing some work on The Early Foucault manuscript, mainly following up references and tying up some loose ends following from the archive work in Paris back in December. I then really need to put that aside for a while and work on the Canguilhem manuscript. However the next major task is reviewing a new translation of a book by Henri Lefebvre.

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