Foucault and Nietzsche A Critical Encounter edited by Joseph Westfall and Alan Rosenberg

9781474247399Foucault and Nietzsche A Critical Encounter edited by Joseph Westfall and Alan Rosenberg, due out with Bloomsbury in February 2018. Looks great, but what a shame about the prohibitive price.

Foucault’s intellectual indebtedness to Nietzsche is apparent in his writing, yet the precise nature, extent, and nuances of that debt are seldom explored. Foucault himself seems sometimes to claim that his approach is essentially Nietzschean, and sometimes to insist that he amounts to a radical break with Nietzsche. This volume is the first of its kind, presenting the relationship between these two thinkers on elements of contemporary culture that they shared interests in, including the nature of life in the modern world, philosophy as a way of life, and the ways in which we ought to read and write about other philosophers.

The contributing authors are leading figures in Foucault and Nietzsche studies, and their contributions reflect the diversity of approaches possible in coming to terms with the Foucault-Nietzsche relationship. Specific points of comparison include Foucault and Nietzsche’s differing understandings of the Death of God; art and aesthetics; power; writing and authorship; politics and society; the history of ideas; genealogy and archaeology; and the evolution of knowledge.

Table of contents
Alan Rosenberg (Queens College) and Joseph Westfall (University of Houston-Downtown)

1 ‘Foucault, Nietzsche and the History of Truth’
Paul Patton (UNSW Australia)

2 ‘Nietzsche and Foucault’s “Will to Know”’
Alan D. Schrift (Grinnell College)

3 ‘“We are Experiments”: Nietzsche, Foucault’
Keith Ansell-Pearson (University of Warwick)

4 ‘Nietzsche and Foucault: Modalities of Appropriating the World for an Art of Living’
Alan Rosenberg and Alan Milchman (Queens College)

5 ‘Foucault and Nietzsche: Sisyphus and Dionysus’
Michael Ureand Federico Testa (Monash University)

6 ‘Truth and Becoming Beyond the Liberal Regime’
Jill E. Hargis (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)

7 ‘Twice Removed: Foucault’s Critique of Nietzsche’s Genealogical Method’
Brian Lightbody (Brock University)

8 ‘The Religion of Power: Between Nietzsche and Foucault’
James Urpeth (University of Greenwich)

9 ‘Nietzsche and Foucault on Power: From Honneth’s Critique to a New Model of Recognition’
João Constâncio and Marta Faustino (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)

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