CFP: Foucault and Benjamin (2018)

Call for papers for an issue on Foucault and Benjamin

Foucault News


materiali foucaultiani journal / Associazione italiana Walter Benjamin

Foucault and Benjamin

Materiali foucaultiani journal and the Italian Association “Walter Benjamin” launch a call for papers dedicated to a comparison between Walter Benjamin and Michel Foucault.

MF journal proposes to open up new research pathways that jointly crisscross the works of Benjamin and Foucault, beyond the philosophical differences between the two authors. Indeed, we contend that despite their different philosophical horizon and conceptual constellations, both Benjamin and Foucault equip us with powerful tools for undertaking a critical analysis of our present time. In both cases, such a critique is carried on through a refusal of the concept of “progress” and of an understanding of history conceived as a linear and incessant process, as an accumulation of events taking place in an empty and heterogeneous time. Although in different ways, Benjamin and Foucault situate their work within a triangulation between…

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