Derrida’s 64-5 Heidegger Course outline

A useful outline of Derrida’s 1964-65 course on Heidegger.

Inherit and Respond

I’ve written a couple of posts a while back about this course. Now I’m returning to it in working on a couple of papers. Among other things I’m writing a review of the book, and I want the review to be genuinely helpful in research. To that end, I’ve compiled a little substantive table of contents to the book.

Derrida did not give titles to the seminars. Nevertheless, they are very pedagogical, with clear partitions, summary passages, and the regular practice of connecting each seminar to the overall trajectory. Here I’ve tried to articulate this. This is, note, only a draft, and some times my indication of subsection is simply indicating a digression or aside that seems important.

  1. Introduction I: The question of being is not an “ontology”
    1. Hegelian refutation as ontological development
    2. Heidegger’s later caution concerning “ontology”
  2. Introduction II: Refusing historicist and ahistorical approaches; Ontic difficulties
    1. “Telling stories” is…

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