Society and Space book series update – published and forthcoming titles





Three books have been published so far in the Society and Space book series I edit with Sage:

Dan Bulley, Migration, Ethics and Power: Spaces Of Hospitality In International Politics

Marcus Doel, Geographies of Violence: Killing Space, Killing Time

Francisco Klauser, Surveillance and Space

Two books are now in production and should be out this year

David Beer, The Data Gaze

Ross Exo Adams, Circulation and Urbanization

I’m also very pleased to say that there several books under contract, including (titles provisional) –

Shiloh Krupar and Greig Crysler, The Waste Complex: Capital \ Ecology \ Citizenship

Martina Tazzioli, Migrant Multiplicities and Singularities

Kirsten Simonsen and Lasse Koefoed, Geographies of Embodiment

Some other proposals are under development. If you’d like to discuss an idea for the series, please get in contact. While the books are not textbooks, they do need to be suitable for teaching, with a good possibility of adoption. Here’s the series description:

The Society and Space series explores the fascinating relationship between the spatial and the social. Each title draws on a range of modern and historical theories to offer important insights into the key cultural and political topics of our times, including migration, globalisation, race, gender, sexuality and technology. These stimulating and provocative books combine high intellectual standards with contemporary appeal for students of politics, international relations, sociology, philosophy, and human geography.

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