Goldsmiths Annual Philosophy Lecture – Alienation & Freedom: Frantz Fanon – 1 June 2018, 4pm

Goldsmiths Annual Philosophy Lecture – Alienation & Freedom: Frantz Fanon – 1 June 2018, 4pm – free, but registration required

Jean Khalfa and Robert J.C. Young give the first Goldsmiths Annual Philosophy Lecture, on the hitherto unpublished and unavailable works of Frantz Fanon.

Since the publication of The Wretched of the Earth in 1961, Fanon’s work has been deeply significant for generations of intellectuals, philosophers and activists seeking to radically interrogate our understandings of violence, race, political subjectivity, mental illness and the challenges of decolonization. In CPCT’s first annual lecture, we are joined by the editors of the landmark collection Alienation and Freedom. This volume collects together unpublished and unavailable works comprising around half of Fanon’s entire output – which were previously inaccessible or thought to be lost. This book introduces audiences to a new Fanon, a more personal Fanon and one whose literary and psychiatric works, in particular, take centre stage. Khalfa and Young will explore how these writings provide new depth and complexity to our understanding of Fanon’s entire oeuvre, revealing more of his powerful thinking about identity, race and activism which remain remarkably prescient. The talk will shed new light on the work of a major 20th-century philosopher, and on newly available texts which oblige us to take a fresh look at the intellectual history of anti-colonial and post-colonial thought, as well as to address with Fanon some of the most pressing theoretical issues of our time.

The lecture will be followed by a response by Jane Hiddleston and will also feature a performance-reading of excerpts from the two plays by Fanon included in Alienation & Freedom: The Drowning Eye and Parallel Hands.

Jean Khalfa is a Senior Lecturer in French Studies at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. He is the editor of the first complete edition of Michel Foucault’s History of Madness (2006) and author of Poetics of the Antilles (2016) and an upcoming work on Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth.

Robert J. C. Young, FBA, is Julius Silver Professor of English and Comparative Literature at New York University, USA. He is the author of White Mythologies (1990), Colonial Desire (1995), Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction (2001), The Idea of English Ethnicity (2008), Empire, Colony, Postcolony (2015).

Jane Hiddleston is Exeter College Professor of Literatures in French at the University of Oxford, and the author, most recently of Writing after Postcolonialism: Francophone North African Literature in Transition.

All welcome.

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1 Response to Goldsmiths Annual Philosophy Lecture – Alienation & Freedom: Frantz Fanon – 1 June 2018, 4pm

  1. Janet Abbey says:

    Yes he is wonderful. I used to give him to students at Philadelphia Community College in my psych classes during a time when I had control over the selection of texts instead of the textbook companies with their hidden payoffs. I also think #BlackSkinWhiteMasks is the perfect book that might have slowed the fanaticism for the Obama as it describes his so well. It seems to me that people who have read Fanon need to USE HIM to reach younger students instead of constantly doing books and papers on him. FIND A WAY to influence your students. You get students on probation, or those still dealing drugs, THEY NEED TO READ HIM to see how they are polluting their own.

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