CFP: Warwick Graduate Conference in Security Studies ‘Post-Truth Politics and the Age of Insecurity’, 18-19 October 2018

Call for Papers: Warwick Graduate Conference in Security Studies ‘Post-Truth Politics and the Age of Insecurity’

18 October – 19 October 2018; Venue: Scarman

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ruth Wodak, Lancaster University/University of Vienna, Author of: The Politics of Fear: What Right-wing Populist Discourses Mean

The ‘West’ is experiencing a period of profound insecurity. Disruptions caused by digitisation, mass migration and globalisation have put pressure on democratic institutions and liberal societies to adapt, while the global financial crisis and its aftermath have eroded the public’s trust in the economic competence and political accountability of national governments. In Europe, the project of ‘ever-closer union’ has come under strain from the impact of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’, the UK’s Brexit decision, and a rise of right-wing populism among its member states. In the United States, President Donald Trump is advocating a political agenda of economic nationalism and nativist populism that seems to mark the end of a US-led liberal world order.

Most disturbingly maybe for academic research, the age of insecurity has given rise to a new form of post-truth politics that supplants evidence-based reasoning with ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’. In the light of these developments, the 2018 Warwick Graduate Conference in Security Studies seeks to critically explore the interconnections and implications of political, economic and cultural insecurity, and the relationship between knowledge, identity and (in)security in a global context.

Papers are welcome especially (but not exclusively) from PhD students and early career researchers that address one or more of the following questions:

  • How can we define, locate, and analyse (in)security in an age of post-truth politics?
  • What is the relationship between identity, knowledge, and (in)security?
  • What are the challenges of studying post-truth politics from a critical security studies perspective?
  • Is insecurity primarily driven by internal or external factors?
  • Is the rise of contemporary populism in the West an anti-elite revolt or the project of illiberal elites?
  • How can we study the political impact of alternative means of knowledge production and competing identity claims, and resistance against post-truth politics from different viewpoints (race, gender, non-Western perspectives)?

If you are interested in chairing a panel, acting as discussant, or participating with a paper, please send your details, and for a paper contribution an abstract of not more than 250 words to Georg Löfflmann:

Deadline for abstracts: 31 August 2018

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