Tips for managing email as an academic – Veronika Cheplygina

Tips for managing email as an academic – Veronika Cheplygina has some good advice.

I’m a believer in Inbox Zero, but this doesn’t mean that all emails have yet been answered. It means that there is nothing kept in the inbox which I have already seen. The plan is the next time I see that email it will be when I have time to deal with it.

As I’ve mentioned before I use Sanebox as a filtering and snoozing function. It filters less important emails into other folders which I check regularly, but less frequently than the inbox. You can train it over time. You can also drop emails into folders so that they appear in your inbox tomorrow or next week. You can forward emails to an address to reappear at a specific time – handy if its directions to or an agenda for a meeting, etc. It’s like a virtual PA. I really can’t imagine trying to do email without it anymore.

I’ve not used plugins that allow you schedule when emails are sent. But I do save a lot of replies to drafts, and then send them at a later point – i.e. if I sort a lot of emails on a Sunday, I’ll send on a Monday morning.

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