Books received – Wahl, Arendt, Foucault, Jaspers, Geroulanos, Bulpitt, Derrida, Gotman


A mix of books for teaching and the Foucault research – Jean Wahl, Introduction à la pensée de Heidegger; the Henri Corbin early translation of works by Heidegger; Hannah Arendt, On Violence; Foucault at the Movies; the French translation of Karl Jaspers’s book on Nietzsche; Stefanos Geroulanos, An Atheism that is not Humanist Emerges in French Thought; Jim Bulpitt, Territory and Power in the United KingdomJacques Derrida, The Death Penalty, Volume II, and Kélina Gotman, Choreomania: Dance and Disorder.

Most were bought new or second-hand, though the Bulpitt book was recompense for review work, and Foucault at the Movies was sent by the publisher.

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