British Academy/Leverhulme grant for archival work on the early Foucault

Foucault-with-Hair.jpgI’m very pleased to say that I’ve been awarded a British Academy/Leverhulme small grant for a project entitled ‘The Early Foucault: Retracing Intellectual History through Archival Sources’. As regular readers of the blog will know, I’ve been working on the first part of Foucault’s career for the past couple of years, building on the books on his later career – Foucault’s Last Decade (Polity, 2016) and Foucault: The Birth of Power (Polity, 2017). The research will involve further work with archives of Foucault’s papers in Paris and Normandy, his personal library held at Yale, and papers and libraries in Tübingen, Princeton and Irvine. It will also involve a month-long visit to the Carolina Rediviva library in Uppsala, where Foucault researched his History of Madness. The research will lead to a book entitled The Early Foucault (under contract with Polity), and the initial work for a planned book on Foucault’s career in the 1960s.

More detail on the project on the early Foucault can be found here.

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