Three upcoming talks on Shakespeare – landscapes, Foucault, Kantorowicz and the oath

Shakespeare.jpgI have three upcoming talks on Shakespeare.

The first is the Fourth Denis Cosgrove lecture in the GeoHumanities, to be given at the British Academy on 23 May 2019, 6.30pm. I was asked to speak about the Shakespearean Territories book, and I will say something about that, but I’m also going to go a bit further with this work on Shakespeare and geography, and think about landscapes figure, or don’t, in some of his plays. I’ll speaking about King Lear, Macbeth and Timon of Athens, with some mention of other plays. The lecture and drinks reception are both free, but registration is required.

I’ll then be giving two papers on the oath in Shakespeare, drawn from what I hope will be a longer manuscript. There will be a bit of overlap between the two, but hopefully not much. The first will a plenary lecture to the Association for Philosophy and Literature conference to be held in Klagenfurt, Austria between 29 May and 2 June 2019. This one will be entitled ‘Foucault, Shakespeare and the Oath’. The second will be at a much smaller workshop on Ernst Kantorowicz and Shakespeare to be held at Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare, Hampton, on 22 June 2019. I’ll also be speaking about oaths, linking Kantorowicz’s refusal of the University of California loyalty oath to his reading of medieval texts, and examining these themes in Shakespeare.

I imagine many of the speakers at the Kantorowicz event will be speaking about Richard II, which Kantorowicz analysed in The King’s Two Bodies. So for that event, I expect my main focus will be some of the other history plays and All’s Well That Ends Well. But I think in Austria I will discuss Richard II, along with other plays.

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