Georges Bataille – Oeuvres complètes and other French collections, with list of English translations

BatailleI’ve made a start with the project of listing the pieces in Georges Bataille’s Oeuvres complètes and other French collections, along with English translations of these pieces. The page is available here.

It’s not complete – I’ve done 8 of the 12 volumes of the Oeuvres, and part of one other, and listed some of the other French collections I have. This work is certainly made harder without access to libraries in present circumstances, so for a few books I don’t own, I’ve used online sources to fill in details which will later need checking. I know there are some other sources I need to check as well.

The key thing I’ve learned in doing this is that while there are some very good translations of his work, and nearly all of his books in English, it’s been largely thematic (or, less charitably, unsystematic) until the work of SUNY Press and Stuart Kendall in including material in the Oeuvres alongside the major works. With shorter works (mainly in volumes I, II, XI and XII) there are two or sometimes three translations/re-publications of some essays, and many others that have never been translated. It’s those shorter works that need to be added to this listing.

I am sure I have missed things, but I hope what is here is helpful as a start. I have more work to do on the other volumes, which I’ve begun but will post here when complete. Comments, additions, corrections welcome.

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