Georges Bataille’s Oeuvres complètes and English translations – list updated to include all volumes

BatailleI’ve done some further updating to the list of works in Georges Bataille’s Oeuvres complètes and other French collections and the English translations.

The main addition is that I’ve now listed the articles in Volumes XI and XII of the Oeuvres complètes, along with their translations.

There was some other work over the last week, including filling in details of pieces in The Cradle of Humanitydetails of the dossiers at the end of Vol X, and listing the short pieces included in “The Place of Violence: Selected Writings”, translated by Bruce Belay, Parallax 6 (2), 2010, 81-91.

I think this listing is now complete, and that it includes all the short pieces in English books by Bataille, as well as the longer works. But I am sure there are pieces translated in edited collections or in journals which I’ve missed, so as before I’d certainly welcome additions, corrections or comments.

This page is part of the Resources part of this site, which also includes lots of resources on Foucault (links, some images, translations, a bibliography of his collaborative projects, audio and video links, etc.), reading guides to Lefebvre and Sloterdijk, a German-French-English bibliography of Ludwig Binswanger, literature on Boko Haram, Ebola and Covid-19, links and comments on writing and publishing, and lists of my favourite academic books of each year.


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4 Responses to Georges Bataille’s Oeuvres complètes and English translations – list updated to include all volumes

  1. Elliot says:

    Many thanks for compiling such a useful resource, Stuart. ‘L’art, exercise de cruauté’ was translated in 1993, and can presently be accessed at

  2. Elliot Patsoura says:

    ‘Medieval French Literature, Chivalric Morals, and Passion’ (from Critique 38 [1949]) is also published as an appendix to Bruce Holsinger’s The Premodern Condition.

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