Download Gilles Deleuze, “Kant: Synthesis and Time,” March-April 1978

Deleuze’s 1978 seminar on Kant, translated and edited – available as an open access download.

Philosophy of Movement


At our website “The Deleuze Seminars” we are creating edited, paginated, and formatted pdfs of Deleuze’s lectures in order to make printable versions of the material more reader-friendly and accessible. We have just posted our first one here.


1978-03-01 TO 1978-04-30

In Gilles Deleuze, From A to Z, Deleuze describes his motivation for working on a philosopher with whom he had little in common: first, for Deleuze, Kant’s writing constituted such a turning point in numerous ways, and, second, he initiated something in philosophy that had never been advanced previously. Specifically, says Deleuze, he erected a tribunal of reason, things being judged as a function of a tribunal of reason. To do so, he invents a prodigious method called the critical method, the properly Kantian method. Deleuze admits finding all of this aspect of Kant quite horrible, but it’s both fascination and horror because…

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