Matt Bluemink, Bernard Stiegler: in memoriam (3am Magazine)

Matt Bluemink, Bernard Stiegler: in memoriam (3am Magazine)

81262On Thursday the 6th of August 2020 we lost one of the most unique and important philosophers of the last thirty years. To me, Bernard Stiegler was a constant source of knowledge and inspiration. He was a philosopher of technology who had answered Heidegger’s ‘Question Concerning Technology’ in a way that, in my view, perfectly diagnosed the essential dual nature of technology. To Stiegler, technics was a pharmakon. It was both the poison that affected contemporary society, and the cure through which it could be saved. It was both the external form into which we pass our knowledge, and the internal condition which makes us human. Yet what made Stiegler unique was that his work reached far beyond the limits of what might normally be considered as the ‘philosophy of technology.’ He traversed a variety of disciplines ranging from anthropology and palaeontology, to media and film theory; from cybernetics and digital communication, to political philosophy and epistemology. However, it was not just his ideas that made Stiegler so important, but his life as a whole. [continues here]

Thanks to Adalbert Saurma for the link.

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