Abolition: Critique and Praxis 13/13 including session on ‘Beyond the Punitive Society’

The next season of the Critique and Praxis: 13/13 seminars run by Bernard Harcourt at Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought will be on the theme of Abolition.

The series will include a session on Thursday, January 7, 2021 on ‘Beyond the Punitive Society‘, co-hosted with Warwick’s Centre for Post-Kantian Philosophy. I’ll be one of the speakers, along with Bernard, Miguel Beistegui, Claire Blencowe, Daniele Lorenzini, Irene Dal Poz, and Federico Testa.

The session will be conducted by video link, and will take place in the US afternoon and UK evening -currently 12:15 – 2:45 pm EST / 5:15-7:45 pm UK time, but check the official listing for the final time. There are some excellent sessions in this series – full schedule here.

[I’ve updated the time of the session, but do check the CCCCT website for the official details]

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