Frictionless sovereignty – special issue of b20 online

frictionless sovereignty | special issue

b2o: an online journal is an online-only, free-to-read, peer-reviewed journal published by the boundary 2 editorial collective, with a standalone Editorial Board.

Volume 5, Issue 2 (August 2020)
Special Issue: Frictionless Sovereignty
Special Issue editor: Ryan Bishop

  1. Ryan Bishop, “Frictionless Sovereignty: An Introduction”
  2. Sarah Hayden, “Liquid Citizenship, Liquid Voice and Sensorial Sovereignty”
  3. Ryan Bishop and Tania Roy, “Frictionless Sovereignty and the Oceanic Claim: Bio-Aesthetic Engagements”
  4. Joseph Owen, “Details, Details, Details: Carl Schmitt’s Borderline Critique of Anticipation”
  5. Arne De Boever, “Futures of Sovereignty (Necropolitics in America)”
  6. Ryan Bishop and AbdouMaliq Simone, “Extending Sovereignty in the Light of Black Urbanity”
  7. Mihaela Brebenel, “Embodied Frictions and Frictionless Sovereignty”
  8. Paul Hegarty, “Polar Sovereignty”
  9. Dimitris Vardoulakis, “The Antinomy of Frictionless Sovereignty: Inverse Relations of Authority and Authoritarianism”
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