Department for Education guidance ‘Higher education: reopening buildings and campuses’

The Department for Education guidance ‘Higher education: reopening buildings and campuses‘ was posted very early this morning. Necessary, but deeply concerning, reading.

On this topic, see also my list of pieces from SAGE, Independent SAGE and others here and here; and a lot more on covid-19 can be found here – Geographers, sociologists, philosophers etc. on covid-19

Update 11 Sept: Universities are being forced to lie about being COVID safe (Open Democracy)

Update 12 Sept: Rachel Hall, ‘I suppose you’re stuck with these people’: the students facing an uncertain new term (The Guardian)

Jim Dickinson, Revised guidance for England on universities and Covid-19 means tiers before Christmas (WONKHE)

Sarah Kraus, Reopening Universities Isn’t Just a Threat to Staff and Students – It’s a Threat to Communities Too (NovaraMedia)

Update 13 Sept: Nervous students return to Bristol University: ‘For the sake of my studies I need to’ (The Observer)

John Wright, Coronavirus doctor’s diary: Will universities be able to avoid spreading the virus? (BBC News)

Update 14 Sept: Jonathan Peters, Coronavirus: Students return to socially-distanced university campuses (BBC News – Scotland)

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