Foucault’s Christmas

In a fascinating interview about Foucault, ‘The Materiality of a Working Life‘ (open access; original French), Daniel Defert talks about his daily routines, and how these were similar year round:

No no, weekends didn’t exist! We would go to see art exhibitions on the Saturday afternoon, certainly, but the very notion of the weekend didn’t exist… Especially a public holiday, a Christmas day without writing, that was impossible! Foucault rarely put dates on his writings, but he would have been quite capable of putting “December 25th” on something, that being a day when, as he said, “nothing has happened for several thousand years.”

I pick up on this story in The Early Foucault, but it’s not a model I try to follow. Although the winter sun and cycling won’t happen this year, I will be taking a few days off. Happy Christmas and I’ll be back before the New Year with some lists of books and music I liked.

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