Professors at the Collège de France 1985 – Bourdieu, Duby, Dumézil, Hadot, Veyne, et. al.

This photograph of professors at the Collège de France is interesting, and I’m curious about who else is in here.

It was posted on Twitter by Jorge Galindo, who indicates some of the people –

a. Pierre Bourdieu

b. Georges Dumézil.

c. Paul Veyne.

d. Jules Vuillemin.

e. Pierre Hadot.

f. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie.

g. Georges Duby.

h. André Miquel.

He rightly indicates the male dominance of the photo. One of the replies said that the woman in the front row is Françoise Héritier – the image is also used on the cover of a book about her.

The photo apparently comes from 1985, which seems right: Héritier was elected in 1982, Hadot in 1983; and Dumézil died in 1986.

I think the tall man to the right of Héritier is Yves Laporte, who was administrator of the Collège de France 1980-1991. Yves Bonnofoy perhaps on the right of the third row back.

Anybody identify anyone else?

Update: Jacques Tits behind/to the left of Hadot; likely Julian de Ajuriaguerra to the right of Dumézil.

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