Stuart Elden, ‘Editing Georges Dumézil’s Mitra-Varuna’, Berfrois, December 2022

I have a short piece at Berfrois, ‘Editing Georges Dumézil’s Mitra-Varuna‘.

Guilhem Vellut: Collège de France, Paris, 2016 (CC)

In May 1940, the month of the invasion of France by Germany, a short book by the comparative mythologist and linguist Georges Dumézil was published. Entitled Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-Representations of Sovereignty, copies became very hard to find, and after the war Dumézil reedited the text with some changes. That revised edition appeared in March 1948. Forty years later, two years after Dumézil’s death, this second edition was translated into English by Derek Coltman with Zone books, though it has become hard to find and available only in libraries, pirated pdfs, or rather expensive second-hand copies. In 2023, the translation will become available again, in a new critical edition with HAU books. [continues here]

Sadly Berfrois is closing, so I want to thank Russell Bennetts and the team for their work, for being continually interesting, and for hosting several pieces of my writing over the years, including some reviews of texts by Foucault or about Foucault, a biography of Kantorowicz, on Kant, and a couple of pieces on Shakespeare.

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