Daniel Defert (1937-2023)

I’m very sorry to hear the news of the death of Daniel Defert, partner of Foucault, important editor of his work, academic and activist. I first met Defert in 1998, and he was always very generous and supportive of my work. We met at several conferences, and in 2015 he kindly gave me some time to talk about Foucault’s work at his apartment, as I was doing the early work for my series of books on Foucault. He will be much missed. If you read French, Un vie politique gives a good sense of his activism.

Foucault News

Daniel Defert, philosophe, sociologue et figure de la lutte contre le sida, est mort Daniel Defert (2015)
by Claude Truong-Ngoc
L’universitaire a été à l’origine de la création de l’association Aides en 1984, après la disparition de son compagnon, Michel Foucault.

Par Franck Nouchi
Le Monde, 7 janvier 2023

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French Anti-AIDS Activist Daniel Defert Dies At 85 – AFP – Agence France Presse, February 7, 2023

French sociologist Daniel Defert, who was a leading figure in the country’s fight against AIDS, died Tuesday at the age of 85, according to an organisation he founded.

“It is with deep sadness that we learn this evening of the death of Daniel Defert,” Aides, a French anti-AIDS organisation, tweeted on Tuesday.

“He leaves behind him the indelible memory of a life of activism and the principles of action that the 2,200 activists…

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