Generative AI and University Futures: Three Seminars at University of Manchester, May 2023

Generative AI and University Futures: Three Seminars at University of Manchester, May 2023

We’re hosting 3 in person seminars about generative AI and university futures at the University of Manchester on Critical AI literacy (May 10th), Assessment Reform (May 17th) and Training for Academics (May 24th). All in person from 3pm to 5pm on those dates. Please only register if you intend to participate in person because we have a limited number of places available for each event, which we intend to offer in the order of registration.

Since it was launched in November 2022, Open AI’s ChatGPT has enthralled millions with its uncanny ability to respond to queries in a conversational manner. Its capacity to immediately respond to natural language questions with detailed factual knowledge has sparked debate about whether the typical forms of university-based assessment can survive this technological innovation. While there are many questions remaining to be answered about how different groups within the student community perceive these developments, and the extent to which they are already being used in assessment, there is a widespread belief within the university sector that something fundamental has shifted. This rapid growth in generative AI’s capacity to automatically produce authoritative cultural forms presents a challenge to the university as a custodian of knowledge and conferrer of credentials…

More details and booking form here.

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