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Graham Harman interview

New interview with Graham Harman here – his own work, poetry, art, politics, OWS, China Miéville, H.P. Lovecraft, etc. Some particularly interesting discussion of writing. Since he discusses Lovecraft and the book he has coming out on him, what better … Continue reading

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More on the New College

Birkbeck have issued a press release saying Grayling has resigned and that they are not providing facilities; Terry Eagleton calls it odious; the college is accused of copying syllabuses (shouldn’t that be syllabi?); in the same report we hear that Boris Johnston … Continue reading

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Back home in York. Lots to catch up on. Graham Harman’s review of Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter is in the new issue of New Formations (via Graham’s blog). Doesn’t seem to be available online. Visual/Method/Culture is a new blog from … Continue reading

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Miéville and Bryant

Interesting review of China Miéville’s The City and the City in The Boston Review (via Crooked Timber). Levi Bryant discusses his next book project The Domestication of Humans: A Prolegomena to Posthumanist Sociology, here. The link? Both touch on themes I … Continue reading

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China Miéville on Fiction and Politics

The Weird: a discussion of fiction and politics with China Miéville here. Discussion based, rather than a formal talk, but his answers are detailed and there is a lot of interesting stuff here about genres in literature, political symbolism of … Continue reading

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The spaces of China Miéville

Very interesting interview with China Miéville here, particularly focusing on architecture, the city and the other geographies of his novels. Thanks to Graham Harman for the link.

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Egyptian protest planning leaflet

 Bit late linking to this – it’s been around for a few days – but The Atlantic has translated some of the leaflet which makes for interesting reading – with some background in The Guardian here. Because of the … Continue reading

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Holiday reading

I don’t read novels nearly as much as I should, partly due to a lack of time, and also because  spending my time reading so much for work doesn’t exactly make reading a very relaxing break from it. But holidays … Continue reading

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‘Rolling Towards the Police in your Wheelchair’

This is the BBC interview with Jody McIntyre that has produced such anger. Lots of people complained. The BBC has apparently responded – details here; another reply here. China Mieville responds here.

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China Miéville’s ‘Letter to a progressive Liberal Democrat’

China Miéville reacts to the cuts, and particularly Liberal Democrat complicity. Strong stuff, and strong language, here.

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