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Radical Philosophy 185 out now

Radical Philosophy No 185 is out now. It has obituaries of Stuart Hall, Alberto Toscano’s discussion of Etienne Balibar, Mark Neocleous on monsters and police, a non-nationalist argument for an independent Scotland, and some pieces on Auguste Blanqui by Jacques Rancière, Daniel Bensaïd … Continue reading

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Mark Neocleous, War Power, Police Power – sample chapter available

Mark Neocleous’s book War Power, Police Power has just been published. You can read a sample chapter here. In this, the first book to deal with the concepts of war power and police power together, Mark Neocleous deals with these questions … Continue reading

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Peter Adey lectures at Durham – IAS and Geography

Peter Adey of Royal Holloway is a fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Durham this term – these are his lectures during his time there (via rhulgeopolitics). First, on Monday 27 January, there’s ‘Light and Levitation: Vertical Critique‘. … Continue reading

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Books I’m looking forward to in 2014

Some of the books I’m looking forward to this year include Henri Lefebvre, Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment (edited by Łukasz Stanek and previously unpublished in any language); Neil Brenner’s epic edited collection Implosions/Explosions: Towards a Study of Planetary Urbanization; Mick Dillon’s Biopolitics of Security in the 21st … Continue reading

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Mark Neocleous, War Power, Police Power

Mark Neocleous’s book War Power, Police Power is due for publication in February 2014. From waste to drones and no-fly zones Why is liberalism so obsessed with waste? Is there a drone above you now? Are you living in a … Continue reading

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Joshua Barkan, Corporate Sovereignty

One of the advantages of most of my books still being in boxes is that I’m reading a lot of books as I get them, instead of putting them on the ‘to read’ shelf and turning to something more immediately … Continue reading

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Issue 4 out

Society and Space issue 4 out – lots of great papers here, including ones by Crampton, Neocleous, Holt and Longhurst, and review essays by Barkan and Reid-Henry…

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Radical Philosophy 178 now out

 Commentary: Resisting Resilience, Mark Neocleous Article: Extraction, logistics, finance Global crisis and the politics of operations – Sandro Mezzadra  and Brett Neilson Article: An introduction to Françoise Collin’s ‘Name of the father’, Penelope Deutscher Article: Name of the Father, ‘One’ of … Continue reading

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Anti-Security – A Declaration

Finally got round to looking at a copy of Anti-Security, edited by Mark Neocleous and George S. Rigakos, which came out in 2011. After a brief introduction, there is a powerful ‘declaration’ which sets out the academic and political rationale … Continue reading

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Bernard Harcourt – The Illusion of Free Markets

I finally got round to reading Bernard Harcourt, The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order. I bought it after The Foucault Effect 1991-2011 conference last year when Bernard spoke. I don’t have much to say, … Continue reading

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