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Literary protests – image from Wu Ming

Wu Ming kindly sent me a link to a better picture of the literary themed protests.

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Student Protests – K-Punk on the media; Wu Ming on the literature

K-Punk offers a sharp analysis of last week’s events here, along with some good discussion of the mainstream media’s take on it all. I particularly enjoyed this line: It looks as if the situation might be starting to dawn on … Continue reading

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Wu Ming 1 on Foucault in Iran

Find it here. Two excerpts… In October 1978, Michel Foucault (hereafter cited as MF) visited Iran. The country was already shaken by street protests against the Shah. The regime was brutally repressing demonstrations, with the only result of strengthening the … Continue reading

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Wu Ming on Robespierre

Interesting (contentious, probably wrong) piece here. I briefly discussed Robespierre on terror, using the recent Verso book introduced by Zizek, in Terror and Territory. He’s worth reading.

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Wu Ming London dates

Two members of the Wu Ming writing collective speaking in London in October. Should be interesting. Details here.

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Hiking and Reading

The weekend was spent hiking with Susan and friends in the Peak District, around the village of Edale. On Saturday, we went up to the plateau of Kinder Scout (and got absolutely drenched); and on Sunday up Mam Tor and … Continue reading

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Interesting review of Alberto Toscano’s Fanaticism book on The Guardian website (via Verso blog) Video of Quentin Meillassoux in action here (in French, via Graham Harman) I finished Wu Ming’s 54. Quite good and some nice moments. Think Eco or Pynchon … Continue reading

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Alberto Toscano – Fanaticism

Just finished reading Alberto Toscano’s book Fanaticism. A very interesting book and a great project – a kind of genealogy or conceptual history of the uses and abuses of the term. Lots of interesting ideas and a lot to take … Continue reading

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