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Saba Mahmood 2016 AAG Society and Space lecture video

From the Society and Space open site: Professor Saba Mahmood (University of California, Berkeley) delivered the Society and Space plenary lecture at the Association of American Geographers meeting on March 31, 2016. A video of her excellent talk, titled “Secularism, … Continue reading

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2015 in review – talks, publications and writing, plus links to ‘best-of’ lists

I began 2015 with the manuscript of a book under the title Foucault’s Last Decade close, I thought, to completion. But it was far too long. In the end, I cut the first two long chapters out, and submitted a book … Continue reading

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AAG Names Judith Butler as the 2016 Honorary Geographer

AAG Names Judith Butler as the 2016 Honorary Geographer – news here. Here’s one key paragraph. AAG Past President Mona Domosh will confer the 2016 AAG Honorary Geographer Award upon Judith Butler at the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting in San Francisco during … Continue reading

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Stepping down as Society and Space: Environment and Planning D editor

I have recently come to the end of my time as an editor of Society and Space: Environment and Planning D. I took over from Gerry Pratt in autumn 2006, officially becoming editor with the first issue of 2007. The continuing … Continue reading

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Day three in the Foucault archive at UC Berkeley

A final day in the Bancroft library at UC Berkeley (see my notes on day one and day two). Today I listened to some recordings they had of lectures in São Paulo. The library catalogue provides no information at all, and Beaulieu’s list just … Continue reading

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#AAG2015 in Chicago – a few final thoughts

Very enjoyable conference in Chicago over the last several days. I’ve said a bit about the two sessions I spoke in – on Ebola and terrain – before. It was a good conference, with some excellent papers. A particular highlight was … Continue reading

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Forthcoming papers in Society and Space

Forthcoming papers in Society and Space – Natalie Oswin outlines some of the papers available online. Some of these will be in the next issue; some are from a forthcoming theme issue on ‘War, law and space’.

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Catarina Dutilh Novaes – ‘Reliable referees: a rare commodity’ at New APPS

At New APPS Catarina Dutilh Novaes reflects on a problem – ‘Reliable referees: a rare commodity‘. With this post, I want to bring up for discussion what I think is one of the main issues with the peer-reviewing system… namely the … Continue reading

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Michael Watts interviewed by Stuart Elden for Society and Space

There is a long interview I conducted with Michael Watts (University of California, Berkeley) available open access at the Society & Space open site. We talk about, among other things – his first book Silent Violence (recently available in a new edition); … Continue reading

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Gastón Gordillo on Forensis: The Architecture of Public Truth

Gastón Gordillo has posted the introduction of his review of the Forensis collection, directed by Eyal Weizman. The full review essay will appear in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space in early 2015.

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