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A week at Al Quds Bard Honors College

I’ve just got back from spending a week working with Al Quds Bard Honors College in the occupied Palestinian territories, as part of the Open Society Institute’s Academic Fellowship Program. Al Quds Bard is a partnership between Al Quds University and … Continue reading

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Interview with Cynthia Enloe

IR theorist Cynthia Enloe is interviewed at E-IR. One brief answer from a very interesting interview. e-IR: What is the most important advice you could give to young scholars of IR? Read widely. Read fiction, read anthropology, read history. Make … Continue reading

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Sighting Oil

On a related topic to the last – I was teaching on ‘resource wars’ this morning – Adrian Ivakhiv points to the current issue of Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, a special issue on Sighting Oil. He writes: The … Continue reading

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The National Curriculum in History

History Workshop Online have an interesting discussion of the proposed new UK National Curriculum in history. Here’s the first paragraph: The response to the latest proposals for the National Curriculum in History (February 2013) can justifiably be described as historic (or … Continue reading

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Geography at NUS

I don’t usually post jobs outside Durham, but this is a good scheme in a department that hosted me as a visitor a few years ago. Please note informal enquiries should go to Professor James D Sidaway (Chair of Search Committee: … Continue reading

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Alphonso Lingis interview at Figure/Ground Communication

Fascinating interview here. I don’t believe this paragraph though: For me, being a university professor is not even work. All you do is go to the campus maybe 6 or 8 hours a week and talk about books that you … Continue reading

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I made it through an exceptionally busy October. Things now calm down substantially, and I can try to get back to a position where my teaching, administrative roles (IAS, IBRU, Society and Space) and my own research have something of … Continue reading

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A long day

Yesterday was a long and varied day, in which I dealt with aspects of just about every part of my roles at Durham and beyond. I was in before 8am, dealing with some teaching stuff, and then giving a two-hour … Continue reading

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IAS director and new term

Today I officially take over as Director (Social Science) of the Institute of Advanced Study.  This term’s fellows arrive today, and it should be really interesting – this year’s theme is Time. Teaching starts next week, but several meetings this … Continue reading

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‘The Essential Verso Undergraduate Reading List’

Verso have posted another one their lists – this time ‘The Essential Verso Undergraduate Reading List’. Twenty books here including Marx, Paul Mason, Peter Dews, Jameson, Anderson (Perry & Benedict), Stephen Lukes, Žižek, Eagleton, David Harvey, Therborn, Balibar, Vinayak Chaturvedi, … Continue reading

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