‘The Essential Verso Undergraduate Reading List’

Verso have posted another one their lists – this time ‘The Essential Verso Undergraduate Reading List’. Twenty books here including Marx, Paul Mason, Peter Dews, Jameson, Anderson (Perry & Benedict), Stephen Lukes, Žižek, Eagleton, David Harvey, Therborn, Balibar, Vinayak Chaturvedi, Berman, Finkelstein, Wallerstein, Badious, Balakrishnan, Soja and Chris Harman. This looks pretty forbidding for undergraduates. And did nobody at Verso notice that this entire list was male authors?

I’ve read 14 of these – I’m missing a couple of the ‘Mapping’ ones; Harman, Finkelstein, Mason. The Wallerstein looks like it’s almost a summary of the multi-volume The Modern World System and I have read that, but not this one.

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