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Books received – Eribon & Lévi-Strauss, Heidegger, Dumézil, Bataille

A few things, some ordered before the lockdown began and some since, that will keep me busy for a while. While I have the Heidegger book in German and English, this was an early French translation, and important in terms … Continue reading

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Two bibliographical questions about Georges Bataille

Two bibliographical questions about Georges Bataille: – is there a comprehensive list anywhere of the writings by/attributed to Bataille which are not included in the Oeuvres complètes? I know of Une liberté souveraine, for example, and letters, and texts from some … Continue reading

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Books received – a pile from the Verso sale

The Verso sale runs until the end of December 2019

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Books received – Arendt, Bataille, Wahl

Some books recently bought second-hand – mainly by Hannah Arendt but also Bataille’s Eroticism and Jean Wahl, Esquisse pour une histoire de l’existentialisme. I’ve read most of the Arendt books before, but I’m teaching her again this year and so it’s helpful … Continue reading

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Books received – Baxstrom & Meyers, Nietzsche, Bloch, Bataille, Quiring, Sjöholm, Morin

Richard Baxstrom & Todd Meyers, Violence’s Failed Experiment; Friedrich Nietzsche, Unpublished Fragments from the Period of Thus Spoke Zarathustra; Marc Bloch, Feudal Society; Mark Hewson and Marcus Coelen, Georges Bataille: Key Concepts; Björn Quiring, Shakespeare’s Curse; Cecilia Sjöholm, Kristeva and the Political; and Karin M. Morin, Carceral … Continue reading

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Books received – Dodds & Nuttall, Osborne, Bataille, Demetriou and Dimova, Fennelly, Magazine littéraire

Books received – Klaus Dodds & Mark Nuttall, The Arctic: What Everyone Needs to Know, Thomas Osborne, The Structure of Modern Cultural Theory, George Bataille, The Unfinished System of Knowledge, Olga Demetriou and Rozita Dimova, The Political Materialities of Borders, Katherine Fennelly, An … Continue reading

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Books received – Protevi, Bataille, Spurgeon, Greenblatt and Wilson on Shakespeare

John Protevi’s Edges of the State, sent by the publisher;  two Bataille collections in recompense for review work, Stephen Greenblatt, Tyrant: Shakespeare on Power, Caroline Spurgeon’s classic Shakespeare’s Imagery and Richard Wilson, Secret Shakespeare.

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Books received – review work for University of Minnesota Press

Mainly older works by Agamben, Deleuze, Derrida, and Foucault, but also some other books, including James Tyner, Dead Labor: Towards a Political Economy of Premature Death, Michèle H. Richman, Sacred Revolutions: Durkheim and the Collège de Sociologie and Erin Felicia Labbie, Lacan’s … Continue reading

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Books received – Bataille & Weil, Grmek, Heidegger, Cook, Theory, Culture & Society

Books received – George Bataille and Eric Weil correspondence, Mirko D. Grmek, Pathological Realities: Essays on Disease, Experiments, and History; the new translation of Martin Heidegger, The Question Concerning the Thing, Deborah Cook, Adorno, Foucault and the Critique of the West, and … Continue reading

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The Early Foucault Update 22: Acéphale, Critique, Foucault’s thesis, Uppsala, Sussex

In the second half of term I felt I made little progress, but have done a little reading and research in and around teaching, marking, meetings and other tasks. I did write the Introduction to a translation, which should be … Continue reading

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